Emma Maersk

The ship is named Emma Maersk.

Did you note the size of the trucks next to the ship?

The command bridge is higher than a 10 story building and 11 rigs that can operate simultaneously.

Additional info:
Country of origin - Denmark
Length - 1,302 ft  (400 meter)
Width - 207 ft
Net cargo - 123,200 tons
Engine - 14 in-line cylinders diesel engine (110,000 BHP)
Cruise Speed - 31 mi/h
Cargo capacity - 15,000 TEU (1 TEU = 20 ft3 container)
Crew - 13 people
First Trip - Sept. 08, 2006
Construction cost - US $145,000,000+

Silicone painting applied to the ship bottom reduces water resistance and saves 317,000 gallons of diesel per year.

The Emma Maersk is a true Modern Marvel.

The world largest container ship, longest ship currently in service and is propelled by the largest diesel engine ever manufactured.
By mid-year 2006 the construction project was going well when on June 9th the accommodation block was devastated by fire.

 The Emma Mærsk was about six-seven weeks delayed.
The delay caused by a devastating fire in the accommodation quarters in the early days of June.
A welding job on the main deck, close to the end of working hours, led to a fire that totally destroyed the almost finished accommodation quarters and all the equipment in the wheelhouse.

The fire was large and devastating.

Capacity of more than 10.000 Containers 20´.



It has a crew of 13 people (to transport 15,000 shipping containers)

The Emma Maersk dwarfing the vehicles and buildings around it.



1903 60th PL
Suite M4159
Bradenton, FL


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