Lion Splash

Lion Splash
Photo  james Haskins
Her expression tells of her anxiety to cross the river quickly for fear of crocodiles and to catch up with her fellow pride members.

Predation up close and personal
Photo Fransisca Harlijanto
 I was surrounded by thousands of fish that moved in synchrony because of the predation that was happening.
It was an incredible experience.

Room With A View
Photo  Todd Mintz
While on a dive in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean I spotted two gobies swimming on brain coral among the reef.
This was nothing new to see but, this day the coral had a small hole with a tube worm fanned out and the gobies swam into the hole.
I waited patiently for them to return and was able to capture them peering out of the hole at me.
These gobies are tiny, smaller than the end of a shoe lace.
Bonaire established a marine park over 30 years ago which has helped to preserve their coral reefs over the decades.

Must Be Married....(Angry Zebras)
Photo by Justin Bowen
We stopped our vehicle and watched as the two zebras bit, kicked, and otherwise pestered each other.
The two crossed our path and then started kicking violently.
I followed the pair and was able to capture this moment, just before they split up and went their separate ways.

Magical India
Photo by Carlos Chen
A journey through astonishing Jaipur - The Pink City - in the state of Rajasthan, where elephants roam the streets alongside cars, bikes and rickshaws.
They take tourists to the top of Ajmet Fort, entering the main court in a huge show of music and colours.

A dreamy tapir
Photo by Tico Haroutiounian
This young tapir (Tapirus bairdii) is dreaming in his mud bath, undisturbed by my presence.
An hour later, his mother came to see what he was up to.

Amazing moment
Photo by sanjeev bhor
2 cheetah reached the tree and stood exactly below it. The cheetah were so near from me almost 2 feet away from me .

"Home Alone"
Photo by Lalith Ekanayake
The progeny, a solitary chick, amidst the adult Great Crested Terns,  at a breeding site on a Sri Lankan island off north-western seas.

Natures Art
Photo  by ted grambeau
Dried up delta of the Kimberly region , N.W. Australia .
Creates the most sophisticated patterns only appreciated from above.

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