Blue: eye, Polar Bear leaping, Blue feet, Igloo Part 2

As startling as a bright-blue eye, a central lagoon peers out (from Ecuador's Gal├ípagos Islands).
The stark, rocky island teems with life at times—the brackish lagoon waters are favored by flamingos.

The massive bulk of Garibaldi Glacier slowly spills into Garibaldi Fjord in Tierra del Fuego—the archipelago at the southern tip of South America.
The aquatic endpoint of such a glacier is known as a terminus.

Though it's better known for shades of red, the Grand Canyon is shrouded in blue as night descends on its foggy, snow-covered walls.
The canyon's north rim is typically closed to vehicles in winter.

Bathed in blue light, a gray wolf peers through the misty landscape of Yellowstone National Park in the U.S. West.
The animals were successfully reintroduced to the park in the mid-1990s after an absence of nearly seven decades.

A homey-looking igloo lights up the stark landscape on a cold night in the Canadian Arctic.
 These temporary shelters were commonly used by indigenous peoples in the frigid North American Arctic.



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