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This little guy in Nepal certainly is resourceful and will be very strong some day if he keeps this up.
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This picture was taken from a hot air balloon in Thebes, Egypt. 
It was around 530 am just as the sun was starting to illuminate the country and the Valley of the Kings in the background. 
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This is Krud-tan rail station.

Sleigh ride in BelleRive Park.

A tug heads into Seattle on a golden evening on Puget Sound.
The Olympic Mountains loom over the scene.

Not an uncommon site in Southeast Asia and Africa, one of many motorcycle taxis dotting Cambodia transports a passenger carrying a glass window.

The longest wooden pier in the world.  Southend, United Kingdom, 2158m.  

The Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia make you feel as small as you really are.
The world is huge beyond our comprehension.
It takes places like these to give us perspective.

A party boat drifts along the Zanzibar coastline before a spectacular sunset.

Our train moving through a tunnel.

Deer hunter in Myanmar.

Creative Incentive Ewards

A fast train rides through Liberia's bush country.  Taken from the top of a Land Rover that was being pulled by this engine.

Tunnel of Van Nye, California.  I hand held the camera as I was driving and trying some motion shots.

A boatman paddles toward the giant cross that marks the cemetery sunk into the sea by the 1871 eruption of Mt. Hibok-hibok on the island of Camiguin in Mindanao, Philippines.

Tourist boat on the Singapore River last year. To me, the colors and motion blur symbolize the excitement and energy of the city.

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