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Bathroom for dogs @ airports

You know how it is after a long flight, when the fasten-your-seatbelt sign stayed lit for almost all of the plane ride,
and you had to wait forever to exit the plane, it feels like you’ve been ‘holding it’ for years.
You finally approach the public restroom and see this:  The long long line

Well, dogs flying into O’Hare International Airport in Chicago no longer have to worry about waiting in line for the public pee-tree!

Oh yeah, I was talking to dogs in my opening paragraph. Was that not clear?

Besides being the world’s busiest airport, O’Hare just revamped their terminals in a way that really puts itself on the map.
Airborne dogs now officially have their own indoor public bathroom at the Chicago airport!

The bathroom was designed with service dogs and their handlers in mind. According to a press release:

    “It will enhance the traveling experience for individuals with disabilities because they no longer need to pass back through security to relieve their service animal.”

The bathroom

World's cutest endangered animal photographed for first time in over 2 decades

Meet the Ili pika, native to the Tianshan mountain range in the Xinjiang region of northwestern China
and quite possibly the cutest endangered species known to exist. The animal, occasionally referred to as the "magic rabbit,"
is even rarer than the panda. In fact, no one had seen one in more than two decades until this little guy (pictured above) was photographed last July, reports CNN.
Scientists estimate that there are fewer than 1,000 still alive, though so little is known about this elusive
pika that precise numbers are difficult to come by.
They're diurnal, meaning they primarily appear during the day, so it's discouraging that this is the first Ili pika seen since the early 1990s.
Part of their elusiveness can be explained by the remoteness of their habitat. Like most species of pika —
a group of mammals related to rabbits and hares — the Ili pika lives only at high altitudes.
Since they are sensitive to warmer temperatures, climate change is a major threat to…

All aboard for Europe..

Did you say you wanted to go on a European cruise? Contact you friendly tour advisor soon. No travel documents needed.One of the tramp steamers leaving for Italy from Libya. And everyone is taken in by the loving Europeans. Those kind loving socialists that are soon going to be overrun. (The spread of the Islam culture – perhaps it is a deliberate strategy?

Body by a 19 year old girl


New York is the greensest city in the USA!!

The (surprising) greenest city in the US is?Melissa Breyer(@MelissaBreyer)
Business / Environmental Policy
October 14, 2015 Share on Facebook CC BY 2.0 Madison Corney of CCA Baldi Middle School/flickrA new ranking lists the country's most sustainable cities for 2015; number one might not be what you'd expect.When daydreaming about what America's greenest city might look like, I see calm streets filled with pedestrians and cyclists, bike baskets cascading like cornucopia with farmer's market produce. The air smells like a meadow, there are dogs frolicking in massive parks, there are rainbows, people smile!But according to a comprehensive ranking by the personal finance site, WalletHub, the truth slams the brakes on my reverie ... screeching tires and all. That's because as calculated by the set of 12 metrics they used – falling into the four categories of Environmental Quality, “Greenness” of Transportation, “Greenness” of Energy Sources and Green Lifestyle & Loca…