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Jelly Tot-nougat

Jelly Tot-nougat 2 velle ryspapier
250 ml suiker
80 ml heuning
20 ml glukose (by apteke beskikbaar)
30 ml water
3 eierwitte
5 ml rooswater
100 g pienk Jelly Tots of selfs pienk Turkse lekkers wat in stukke gesny is

Voer ’n vierkantige koekpan van 20 cm uit met een vel ryspapier en hou eenkant.

Verhit die suiker, heuning, glukose en water in ’n kastrol oor baie lae hitte tot die suiker opgelos is. Gebruik ’n kwas en warm water en verf enige suikerkristalle af wat teen die kant van die kastrol vaskleef. Sodra die suiker opgelos is, bring die stroop tot kookpunt en kook tot hardekraakstadium (150 °C op ’n suikertermometer). Dit is noodsaaklik om nie weer te roer sodra die mengsel begin kook het nie. Hou die stroop dop, dit verander baie vinnig van temperatuur. Klits intussen die eierwitte tot stywe punte vorm en giet die stroop stadig by terwyl gedurig geklits word. (Laat iemand die stroop vir jou ingooi terwyl jy klits.) Klits sowat 10 minute of tot die mengsel afgekoel, dik en blink is.


Spices, Rays of sunlights, Scorpion, Cliffs

Rays of sunlight in a Japanese Forest

Scorpion, Sahara Desrt, Algeria

Spices, Misir Carsisi Marques, Istanbul, Turkey

Vermillion Cliffs, Colorado Plateau, Arizona

Now that is unconditional love (Chimp and dogs)

After a mother chimpanzee who lived in a zoo died, one of the zoo's employees took the baby chimp home to care for it.  It never crossed his mind that his dog, who had recently given birth would adopt the chimp and raise it with her pups.  Judging by the look on her face at times, she is not quite sure why this particular offspring has hands to grab her with.

Now that portrays unconditional love.  Something to think about


Lekker Kluitjies om op jou kookvleis of potjies te sit. Maak seker jy het genoeg sous in jou pot dat dit nie droog kook of jou vleis aanbrand nie.
250 ml (1 k) koekmeel
7 ml (1½ t) bakpoeier
2 ml (½ t) sout
60 g botter or margarien, in blokkies gesny
10 ml (2 t) droë pietersielie
60-80 ml (¼-1⁄3 k) melk Sif die meel, bakpoeier en sout saam. Vryf die botter met die vingerpunte in tot die mengsel soos broodkrummels lyk. Voeg die pietersielie by en net genoeg melk om ’n sagte deeg te vorm. Skep eetlepels vol deeg in die vleispot en bedek. Laat minstens 15 minute prut sonder om die deksel op te lig tot die kluitjies gaar is. (’n Mes moet skoon uit die middel kom.) Resep van Huisgenoot/Stork

Structural engineer in action

Structural engineer in action

Whether you’re a ‘bird person’ or not, this is stunning!.

Not to detract from the sheer magic of it, but in practical terms, how MANY trips would a bird
have to make with that tiny little quantity of mud/clay it could carry?
(and how far from the nest is the source?)

If you take the construction of a “circular bowl” in your stride as instinctive – how the heck
does the bird come up with the windbreak/entrance design that shields the eggs/chicks
from the elements – and at what point in fashioning the bowl do they start to construct it?

Even if you think you could build this?  Try it without using your hands!

Diamonds to die for.......

LifeGem – Diamonds to Die For?

Some topics deserve special handling, they need to be discussed in the most gentle and reverent manner.
That being said, sometimes there’s simply no way around just telling it like it is, and I guess that’s where we are
on this one.
People die, we bury them, we burn them, and a select few go to science, a nice headstone, an urn, a cool drawer
 at the University. How else do we memorialize our dead?

Now we can make them into jewelry!
Well okay, now we can make a small part of their remains into jewelry.

Yes, you heard it correctly, creating synthetic diamonds from your beloveds ashes has now become an accepted
practice and evidently a pretty darn prestigious way of remembering those who left this Earth without us.
I don’t know where yet, but let us continue…

As we already know, diamonds are made from carbon compressed under the Earths surface for…well… a really long time.
These diamonds have a pretty specific carbon source in mind, evidently abou…

How a full Kindle weighs more

May 15 2012 at 11:25am
By Daily Mail
Amazon first started producing the Kindle in 2009. London - When the Kindle e-reader was launched, we all thought it meant the end to lugging heavy tomes around. But perhaps you shouldn’t put away your book bag quite yet. For a full 4GB Kindle - stocked with 3,500 books - is ever so slightly heavier than an empty one. The reason is rather complicated, and owes a debt to Einstein. Storing new data on a Kindle involves holding electrons - tiny particles that help make up an atom - in a fixed place in the device’s memory. Although the electrons are already present in an empty Kindle, keeping them still uses more energy than allowing them to flow around. As Einstein pointed out in his equation E=MC2, energy and mass are directly linked - so filling up a 4GB Kindle makes it weigh 0.000000000000000001g more than an empty one. It’s still better than the real thing though - 3,500 ordinary books would weigh around two tons. - Daily Mail

Baby Born with 6 legs

April 20, 2012

ISLAMABAD: A baby born in Pakistan's Sindh province has six legs, with a doctor assessing that the removal
of the parasitic limbs could be a "serious and time-consuming medical exercise".

The baby boy was born with extra limbs in Sukkur.
He was on Monday shifted to the National Institute of Child Health (NICH) in Karachi.

NICH director Jamal Raza said the infant has a parasitic twin.

"One of the twins is living, while the other has become parasitic.
 The infant is all right and has been admitted to the intensive care unit of the NICH, but the removal
of the parasitic limbs could be a serious and time-consuming medical exercise including both inner and
cosmetic surgeries," Dawn quoted Raza as saying.

A team of five surgeons will look into this case.

The baby's father, Imran Ali Sheikh, 31, is an X-ray technician who married Afshan, 27, about five years back.

The baby is their first child.

"I want the doctors to save my son's lif…

Underwater photographs of dogs playing

A Famous photographer in Caliifornia decided to take a few phots of his furry friends.
A ball to play with and a high resloution underwater camera.
Look at how the water push their lip back.

Stukkende hart mense

Soms, Here, is my hart te stukkend om heelgemaak te word. dis wanneer ek sommer net myself in 'n kokon wil toespin sodat niemand aan my kan torring nie.
Dankie dat U in sulke tye die woorde hoor wat ek nie kan uitspreek nie en die seer sien waarna ek nie wil kyk nie. Dankie dat U juis dan U sagte hand van liefde onder my sit en my dra totdat my hart weer gereed is om fladderend die wereld te gegroet.
Dankie dat U by uistek 'n Vader vir stukkende hart-mense is... vir my is.........

Interesting wallpaper - June 2013

A shot-up stop sign captured at sunset during a drive through rural Nebraska just outside of Omaha.

This picture describes the structure of the life, because the plants grow with a specific proportion called golden ratio by Greeks.
This fact makes us think in the perfection of the nature and probably it explains why we feel attracted by flowers.
It is an agave.
It is considered one of the most beautiful and desirable species.
Photo by Jonathan Hernadez Valdes

Santa brought me the best Christmas present ever, witnessing my first lion kill.
We got to this pride of three adult females with about ten cubs shortly before they got up and went for a walk.
The one female could smell some food in the air and began stalking the zebra.
The zebra then walked straight into the trap and was surrounded by the three females,
who silently snuck closer when the zebra looked away, then with a sudden burst of speed, pounced and it was all over.
Then the Christmas dinner began.
Photo by Edward Peac…