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Ag shame man.   Poor couch.

That is how the fridge felt over the holidays
Jip the right-hand side is me

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What goes around comes around

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Cell phone wallpapers


As die luiperd die bok vang bly my ma vir altyd

Brave or Foolish?

Cats Crossed Continents to Be Close To Us, Says Gene Study!


Antarctic Drama

Holding Firm
Close-up of a walrus, its back against a breaking wave, in Cape Vankarem in Chukotka, Russia.
“Every autumn walruses swim to this rookery,” Korostelev writes.
“One day, walking along the beach away from the rookery, I came across a lone walrus … sleeping on the shore, its tusks [stuck] in the sand.
I carefully crept up to it and photographed it with a wide-angle lens.”
Photograph by Mike Korostelev, National Geographic Your Shot

Antarctic Drama

“This is the most unexpected split photo I’ve seen,” writes Enric Sala,.
“The lonely krill seems to be checking for the presence of the penguin predator.
At the same time, we can see the ice and landscape on the surface.
It's mostly monochromatic, but the reddish krill attracts one's eye.”
Your Shot photographer Justin Hofman.

Cloak of Color

A thick fog rolls over Sofia and appears to glow as it takes on the city’s light.
Beneath the cloak of color, visitors to Bulgaria’s capital will find a lively collection of museums,
galleries, resta…

Brave or just foolish

Thank you Lynette

Woman Driver

Something to make you smile


Die wasgoed storie

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An Angel walked the beat tonigh

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Cartoon Puns

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