Antarctic Drama

Holding Firm

Close-up of a walrus, its back against a breaking wave, in Cape Vankarem in Chukotka, Russia.
“Every autumn walruses swim to this rookery,” Korostelev writes.
“One day, walking along the beach away from the rookery, I came across a lone walrus … sleeping on the shore, its tusks [stuck] in the sand.
I carefully crept up to it and photographed it with a wide-angle lens.”
Photograph by Mike Korostelev, National Geographic Your Shot

Antarctic Drama

“This is the most unexpected split photo I’ve seen,” writes Enric Sala,.
“The lonely krill seems to be checking for the presence of the penguin predator.
At the same time, we can see the ice and landscape on the surface.
It's mostly monochromatic, but the reddish krill attracts one's eye.”
Your Shot photographer Justin Hofman.

Cloak of Color

A thick fog rolls over Sofia and appears to glow as it takes on the city’s light.
Beneath the cloak of color, visitors to Bulgaria’s capital will find a lively collection of museums,
galleries, restaurants, and recently excavated Roman ruins from about 2,000 years ago.
Photograph by Ivan Dimitrov, National Geographic

Light the Way

The Falcon 9 lifts off from Cape Canaveral in Florida, drawing a brilliant arc of light across a clear, dark sky.
Grant snapped this photo on “a cold March morning.”
SpaceX, designer and manufacturer of the Falcon 9, was the first commercial company ever to visit the International Space Station.
Your Shot photographer Grant Collins

Too Many to Count

Two hundred, actually—that’s how many sheep
Einar Örn says gathered in this portrait taken in Iceland.
He reckons that the intense collective gaze meant that “they were waiting to get into a warm house after a stroll in the snow.”
Your Shot photographer Einar Örn

A Floating Crown

Protea Banks, a reef off the eastern coast of South Africa, is home to incredible biodiversity—including this massive cephea jellyfish,
spotted by Pier.
He calls it the “biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen.
Her purple head and yellow fuselage were simply amazing.”
Your Shot photographer Pier Mane

Calling All Hands

Sanya captured a poignant scene in an Indian brickyard: workers balancing stacks of bricks on their heads,
and then reaching with dusty hands for still more.
“In this particular place, only women are shifting the bricks from one place to the other,” he writes,
“and the inner expression of that moment [was] captured while observing this place.”
Your Shot photographer Sanjay Ramani

A Vision in Green

Foamy waves, agitated by European storm Ruzica, swell around the Tévennec lighthouse in Brittany, France.
Local lore complements this moody scene—the lighthouse is believed to be haunted.
: “When we went there, the light was divine, bringing a touch of green to the magnificent Iroise [Sea] for what remains one of my favorite pictures [of] the storm.”
The image does possess a phenomenal quality, according to Your Shot photographer Mathieu Rivrin

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