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I really love you

I really love you You mean the most to me

If words were just enough
You would know it is real
But words cannot measure
How you do make me feel

I don't want nobody else
For you're my only desire
My soul only aches for you
No way can love be higher

I want to tell you the truth
But I cannot find the time
I want to open up my heart
And allow you to be mine

When you are around me
My heart is beating so fast
If only you'd understand
I know that we could last

Hours feel like seconds
And years feel like a day
For when I am with you
The time just flies away

For you my love, I'd die
Just to prove that I am true
I'd pick out all of the stars
And give them out to you

I could rip out my heart
And for you take the pain
For then I wouldn't ache
When I hear your name

I'd run across the sea
Or fly far into space
Or walk on the desert
Just to see your face
I'd jump into a fire
And I'd run a mile
All of this I would do
Just to see you smile
If it was life or death

Vroue is soos selfone

Vroue is soos selfone, hulle hou daarvan om vasgehou te word, mee gepraat te word, na gekyk te word, maar druk net verkeerde knoppie dan is dit tjop tjop en jy is disconnected.

How to store cakes and biscuits

www.eposvriende.comPosVriende   eMailBuddysHow to store cakes and biscuits Cake tins are definitely better than plastic boxes for storage because metal is non-porous.
However carefully you wash plastic, smells linger on.
The previous occupant of a plastic container can taint the next, and mould can develop.

Also never store cakes and biscuits in the same tin, as the moisture from the cakes will make the biscuits soggy.
 For short-term storing an aluminium foil wrapping can be used,
but if you're storing a rich fruit cake for a longer period,
then use a double layer of greaseproof paper on the inside and foil on the outside –
 because the acid in the fruit can corrode the foil if it comes into direct contact with it and a mould will develop.Cinneman peach pie recipe click herePeanut butter brittle - Rea d moreSubscribe•  Pictures Group
PPS &am…

Survial kit for everyday living

You've received this email because you signed up at www.eposvriende.comPosVriende   eMailBuddysSurvival kit for everyday living SURVIVAL KIT FOR EVERY DAY LIVING

Items Needed:
   Rubber Band
   Band Aid
   Chewing Gum
   Candy Kiss
   Tea Bag

Why,  you ask?

   1) TOOTHPICK - to remind you to pick out the good
       qualities in others. -- Matt. 7:1

   2) RUBBER BAND - to remind you to be flexible,
       things might not always go the way you want,
       but it will work out. -- Romans 8:28

   3) BAND AID - to remind you to heal hurt feelings,
       yours or someone else's. -- Col. 3:12-14

   4) PENCIL - to remind you to list your blessings
       everyday. -- Eph 1:3

   5) ERASER - To remind you that everyone mak…

BarCode Art

Barcodes may be a potent symbol of consumerism, but they aren’t just found on product packaging anymore.
 Whether imbued with meaning or merely appreciated for their visual impact, barcodes are turning up everywhere, from tattoos to graffiti to home décor It depicts silhouettes of human figures amid the bars, symbolizing the commoditization of human beings.
Artist Scott Blake has truly turned the barcode into an art form, using it to create portraits of iconic pop culture figures like
OJ Simpson,
Charles Manson,
Oprah and
He also creates barcode stencils that he calls ‘word paintings’, and barcode graffiti, like an image that simply says “Scott Blake was here.”

Barcodes have even made their way into furniture design, with this sofa by Jason John Muscat of Demuzz Designs. Each individual bar is made from foam-covered plywood, fixed onto an acrylic platform with LED lights incorporated into the base.

For those tired of having the time spelled out for them the traditional way…

Never underestimate the power of a good story

Muskiete Jag


Jou vabond, wag, ek sal jou kry,
Van jou sal net 'n bloedkol bly
   Hier op my kamermure.
Deur jou vervloekte gonsery,
Deur jou gebyt en plagery
   Kon ek nie slaap vir ure.

Mag ek my voorstel, eer ons skei,
Eer jy die doodslag van my kry -
   My naam is van der Merwe.
Muskiet, wees maar nie treurig nie,
Wees ook nie so kieskeurig nie,
   Jy moet tog ééndag sterwe.

Verwekker van malaria,
Sing maar jou laaste aria -
   Nog een minuut vir grasie.
Al soebat jy nou nòg so lang,
Al sê jy ook: ek is nie bang,
   Nooit sien jy weer jou nasie...

Hoe sedig sit hy, O, die kreng!
Sy kinders kan maar kranse b reng,
   Nóu gaan die vabond sterwe...
Pardoef! Dis mis! Daar gaan hy weer!
Maar dòòd sal hy, sowaar, ek sweer -
   My naam is van der Merwe!

A.D. Keet
   uit: Die Afrikaanse poësie in 'n duisend en enkele gedigte
     (Bert Bakker 1999)

To all da Chicks!

Have a Rockin'GoodDAY!!

Company Organogram...


Hulpvaardige mans

BEHANDEL JOU GADE MET BEDAGSAAMHEID - John:Dit is vir mans baie belangrik om te besef dat namate vrouens ouer word, hulle dit moeiliker vind om dieselfde kwaliteit van huishouding te handhaaf as toe hulle jonger was. Wanneer 'n man dit agterkom moet hy probeer om nie te skreeu nie*.. Laat ek julle inlig hoe ek dit hanteer.Toe ek 'n tyd gelede my werk as konsultant verloor het, het ek 'n afleggingspakket vir "vroeë aftrede" ontvang. Dit was toe nodig dat Joyce 'n permanente werk moes aanvaar, nie net om die pot aan die kook te hou nie, maar ons het dit ook nodig gehad vir die mediese fonds-voordele.Sy was 'n opgeleide mediese transkripsieskrywer toe ons 28 jaar gelede ontmoet het en sy was baie gelukkig om nou weer 'n soortgelyke werk te kry. Kort nadat sy weer begin werk het, het ek agtergekom dat haar ouderdom haar inhaal.Ek kom gewoonlik vanaf my visvang of klub dieselfde tyd huis toe as wat sy van die werk af kom. Alhoewel sy weet dat ek dan honger…

The act of putting pen to paper

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium.Norbet Platt

I wish you enough

I wish you enough

At an airport I overheard a father and
daughter in their last  moments
together. They had announced her
departure and standing near the
security gate, they hugged and he said,
"I love you, I wish you enough."

She in turn said, "Daddy, our life together
has been more than enough.
Your love is all I ever needed,
I wish you enough, too, Daddy."

They kissed and she left. He walked over
toward the window where I was
seated. Standing there I could see he
wanted and needed to cry. I tried not
to  intrude on his privacy, but he welcomed
me in by asking, "Did you
ever say good-bye to someone
knowing it would be forever?"

"Yes, I have," I replied, "forgive me
for asking, but why is this a
forever good-bye?" I asked.

"I am old and she lives much too far away.
I have challenges ahead and
the reality is, the next trip back
would be for my funeral," he said.

"When you were saying good-bye I heard you
say, '…

Wallpaper #01

You've received this email because you signed up at www.eposvriende.comPosVriende   eMailBuddysWallpaper #01
 Washington Island, Wisconsin, USA

 Smith's green-eyed gecko

Washington State,  the funnels of these dust devils.
Rarely do you see them in pairs.

This spiral staircase leads down from the streets of Heidelberg down into the Castle Gardens.
Photo taken in Heidelberg, Germany.

Under the Jolley Bridge connecting Naples to Marco Island, Florida, when the evening fog was rolling in

Banks of pink wildflowers at the side of the road going back to the farm on Manitoulin Island.
It was close to sunset and the light was beautiful.

This photo was taken in Peru, South America, during the early morning light as the mountain mist moved over the background.

Curious gulls on Sanibel Island, Florida.

"I was kayaking across Henderson Lake in the Adiro…

Playing with the dog (and other pictures)

Throwing a tennis ball off the dock into Pokegama Lake, Minnesota for a golden retriever, Luna.
Luna would take off down the dock and get airborne in the most supreme way, time after time, all evening long.

Tawny eagle, St. Louis, Missouri

This couple has lost a chick. It was very windy and they stayed alone and look towards the sunset.

A leaf falling on Sunset Lake in Iron County, Michigan.

In this photo, exposed sea grass at low tide provides a graphic backdrop as an egret flies north to keep up with her chicks near Lighthouse Point in Santa Cruz, California

Hemel Vader

Hemel Vader

Baie dankie vir die klein "plesiertjies" van menswees………'n beker stomende koffie in my yskoue hande; 
'n knus bed en warm kombers, en sommer ook vir my 'slaap-maat' wat my teënsinning laat gaan om die
 nuwe dag aan te vat.

Dankie vir die prikkeling van 'n warm stort op 'slaap-stywe' skouers;  vir die geur van ontbyt. 
Dankie Vader, vir die skaterlag van kinders, oor lawwe dinge wat ons te "gesofistikeer"
geword het om te geniet.

Dankie vir die "geborgenheid" van 'n huis……… vir die 'weelde' van gesondheid ~ na gees en liggaam! 
Here, ons behoort mos dolgelukkig te wees……… maar ons harte is swaar van groot bekommernisse
en onbenullige frustrasies wat ons gedagtes so in beslag neem, dat dit ons doof maak vir die vreugdes
wat ons reeds in U besit.

Ag, Here, ons ervaring van geluk is so selfsugtig, so kortstondig.  Dit is soos om 'n pragtige blom in
ons hande te hou en net te sit en kyk hoe dit stadi…

Watch A Helicopter Blow A Deer Out Of A Frozen Lake

Wallpaper 20 Oct 2009

A woman and her dog kayaking along.

A fire truck quickly leaves the scene of the mammoth Black Saturday Victorian bushfires, which claimed the lives of nearly 200 people in Australia.

After an afternoon storm, two holes opened in the clouds, which appeared like eyes.

Soon after exchanging a western fence lizard, this great looking pair perched for a couple of seconds.
 The whole food exchange sequence lasted only a few seconds. 

I watched this great blue heron spear this large crappie and then fly off with it.
I was fascinated when I saw an army of these cutter ants, which are also known as umbrella ants for the way they carry the leaf above their heads. They were trailing from the poor unsuspecting plant, which they were slowly cutting away at and almost with military precision carrying it along a stretch of rope to their nest.

This photo was taken at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India.

This sight is the first bend of the Yangtze River.