Wallpaper 20 Oct 2009


A woman and her dog kayaking along.
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A fire truck quickly leaves the scene of the mammoth Black Saturday Victorian bushfires, which claimed the lives of nearly 200 people in Australia.

After an afternoon storm, two holes opened in the clouds, which appeared like eyes.

Soon after exchanging a western fence lizard, this great looking pair perched for a couple of seconds.
 The whole food exchange sequence lasted only a few seconds. 

I watched this great blue heron spear this large crappie and then fly off with it.

I was fascinated when I saw an army of these cutter ants, which are also known as umbrella ants for the way they carry the leaf above their heads.

They were trailing from the poor unsuspecting plant, which they were slowly cutting away at and almost with military precision carrying it along a stretch of rope to their nest.

This photo was taken at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India.

This sight is the first bend of the Yangtze River.



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