Floods in the USA

Because of the strong showers, which began on September 19 2009,
in three days the water level in the states of Georgia,
Alabama and Tennessee it rose to 38-50 cm.
It flooded natural and artificial systems.
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The substituted damage is evaluated at 250 million dollars.  

Girl flew her flooded automobile on the street I -85 South not far from [Lilburna], the state of Georgia,
when the part of the highway simply left under the water during the hour- peak on Monday September 21, 2009.

Fans stand under the strong shower before the postponed match in a sports stadium


Inhabitants follow the water level

 Flooded houses into [Mebltone], state of Georgia, on Tuesday September 22, 2009.

American hills in the park of the entertainments of Georgia "six flags" are almost completely
flooded on Tuesday September 22, 2009 into [Ostelle], state of Georgia.



The fireman of region Fulton Fred Brown looks across the bridge


The roof of the store of vehicle spare parts is practically unnoticeable above the washed away bunch

A grandmother cries, holding the photograph of her two-year-old grandson of Preston

Water from [Svituotaya] bay runs through the closed highway of veterans on September 22, 2009 in [Ostelle], the state of Georgia.


Roofs of the flooded houses into [Mebltone], state of Georgia, on Tuesday September 22, 2009.

Local pair  sail on the boat on the famous tunnel of Atlanta Krogh on September 21, 2009.

Water from the flood covered [Ostell] region in Atlanta on Tuesday September 22, 2009 after showers,
which continued several days.



The camp of the Red Cross

Passer-by is examined to the trailer




Youn men move barrages to the higher level after water in the river


 Flooded houses into [Mebltone], state of Georgia, on Tuesday September 22, 2009

On the wall you clearly see what the water level was.

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