Survial kit for everyday living

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Survival kit for everyday living


Items Needed:
   Rubber Band
   Band Aid
   Chewing Gum
   Candy Kiss
   Tea Bag

Why,  you ask?
   1) TOOTHPICK - to remind you to pick out the good
       qualities in others. -- Matt. 7:1

   2) RUBBER BAND - to remind you to be flexible,
       things might not always go the way you want,
       but it will work out. -- Romans 8:28

   3) BAND AID - to remind you to heal hurt feelings,
       yours or someone else's. -- Col. 3:12-14

   4) PENCIL - to remind you to list your blessings
       everyday. -- Eph 1:3

   5) ERASER - To remind you that everyone makes mistakes,
       and it's OK. -- Gen 50:15-21

   6) CHEWING GUM - to remind you to stick with it and you
       can accomplish anything with Jesus. -- Phil 4:13

   7) MINT - to remind you that you are worth a mint
       to your Heavenly Father. -- John 3:16-17

   8) CANDY KISS - to remind you that everyone needs a kiss
       or a hug everyday. -- 1 John 4:7

   9) TEA BAG - to remind you to relax daily and go over
       that list of God's blessings. -- 1 Thess 5:18









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