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The Natural Beauty Of Cape Town (35 Reasons Why I Live In Cape Town)

Net 130 km hier van Langebaan af!

Around the world - Where/Which/What is

Where  is the world'scoldest place?

East Antarctic Plateau ...
On the high ridge of the East Antarctic Plateau,
the temperature can drop to as low as-135.8degrees Fahrenheit, which was recorded in August, 2010.

Where is the world'smost populated city?

Shanghai  ...
At a whopping 24,150,000 permanent inhabitants,
Shanghaiis the only city that is home to over 24 million people in one city.

Where is the world'sleast populated city?(the picture is the clue)

Vatican City...
With a paltry population of 842, the city-state of
Vatican Cityis the smallest city and state in the world.

Where is the world'swealthiest city?

Tokyo, Japan..
That tower might as well be made of gold since Tokyo tops the charts