Wallpaper #01

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Wallpaper #01


 Washington Island, Wisconsin, USA

 Smith's green-eyed gecko

Washington State,  the funnels of these dust devils.
Rarely do you see them in pairs.

This spiral staircase leads down from the streets of Heidelberg down into the Castle Gardens.
Photo taken in Heidelberg, Germany.

Under the Jolley Bridge connecting Naples to Marco Island, Florida, when the evening fog was rolling in

Banks of pink wildflowers at the side of the road going back to the farm on Manitoulin Island.
It was close to sunset and the light was beautiful.

This photo was taken in Peru, South America, during the early morning light as the mountain mist moved over the background.

Curious gulls on Sanibel Island, Florida.

"I was kayaking across Henderson Lake in the Adirondack State Park when I found this leaf resting on the surface.
 Something about it captivated me.
Perhaps the way it curled up on its sides as if to say, "I don't want to get wet."
Or maybe it was the "indentation" that it left on the surface of the water at its edges. In my captivation, I maneuvered my kayak so as to float alongside the leaf for as long as possible.
After waiting for the ripples of my oar to disappear I grabbed this shot."

End of summer at Lake George, New York, using a long exposure to capture the incredible amount of stars that were visible that night.

During a rainy, cloudy morning at the Wild Goose scenic overlook on St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, the sun peeped from under the cloud cover long enough to paint a golden-yellow swath across the face of the mountain for maybe 15 minutes before disappearing again.




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