Interesting wallpaper - June 2013

A shot-up stop sign captured at sunset during a drive through rural Nebraska just outside of Omaha.

This picture describes the structure of the life, because the plants grow with a specific proportion called golden ratio by Greeks.
This fact makes us think in the perfection of the nature and probably it explains why we feel attracted by flowers.
It is an agave.
It is considered one of the most beautiful and desirable species.
Photo by Jonathan Hernadez Valdes

Santa brought me the best Christmas present ever, witnessing my first lion kill.
We got to this pride of three adult females with about ten cubs shortly before they got up and went for a walk.
The one female could smell some food in the air and began stalking the zebra.
The zebra then walked straight into the trap and was surrounded by the three females,
who silently snuck closer when the zebra looked away, then with a sudden burst of speed, pounced and it was all over.
Then the Christmas dinner began.
Photo by Edward Peach

Surrounded by a maelstrom of water and the deafening noise of the relentless waterfall that echoed around the cave,
we had a very short time to capture this photograph. I was suspended on the same length of rope as the figure in the picture.
Whilst trying to prevent myself from spinning around, I carefully opened my camera box, removed my camera without dropping
anything and quickly made half a dozen photographs before the spray from the waterfall got the better of the lens.
Photo by Robbie Shone

A magical sunset on the dunes just outside of the holy city of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India.
We hired a camel cart to take us out into the desert.
This Rajasthani musician playing the two-stringed ravanhatta followed us out for almost a kilometer serenading us all the while.
The camel cart driver and my friend were on top of the dune when a wild camel strolled up to them.
The musician just kept on playing his ravanhatta in the background.
Photo by Angad B sodhi


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