Diamonds to die for.......

LifeGem – Diamonds to Die For?

Some topics deserve special handling, they need to be discussed in the most gentle and reverent manner.
That being said, sometimes there’s simply no way around just telling it like it is, and I guess that’s where we are
on this one.
People die, we bury them, we burn them, and a select few go to science, a nice headstone, an urn, a cool drawer
 at the University. How else do we memorialize our dead?

Now we can make them into jewelry!
Well okay, now we can make a small part of their remains into jewelry.

Yes, you heard it correctly, creating synthetic diamonds from your beloveds ashes has now become an accepted
practice and evidently a pretty darn prestigious way of remembering those who left this Earth without us.
I don’t know where yet, but let us continue…

As we already know, diamonds are made from carbon compressed under the Earths surface for…well… a really long time.
These diamonds have a pretty specific carbon source in mind, evidently about an 8 ounce portion of your dearly departed,
the carbon from the ashes is extracted and purified under high heat, and then pressed under a million pounds of pressure
and even more heat – the result is a spectacular rough diamond that can be cut and polished just like the real deal.

With prices ranging from 24 hundred to 25 thousand dollars, depending on the size and color of your desired stone,
your best bet would be to contact and get a quote from them directly.

Hey mom? Wheres the box with grandma in it?


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