Flight of the Rays

"Flight of the Rays"
Photograph by Florian Schulz

Thousands of Munk's devil rays crowd the Sea of Cortez off Mexico's Baja California Sur state in 2009.
German photographer Florian Schulz said the scope of the ray congregations was unknown until he and a pilot happened upon the gathering while searching for migrating whales.
Perhaps just as rare is the composition Schulz captured. "I was able to show how these rays are jumping out of the water," he said, "and at the same time I'm able to show—almost like an underwater photograph—how there're layers and layers and layers of rays."

The International Union for Conservation Union lists Munk's devil rays as near threatened, due in part to their vulnerability to gill nets—hard-to-see "curtains" of netting.
Given ray gatherings like the one pictured, Schulz said, "you could imagine a single net could take thousands and thousands."

Hide and Seek

A gray seal pokes its head through "clouds" of plant life in a winning picture by Estonian photographer Kaido Haagen.


Photograph by Bela Nasfay
Laid by April each year, European common frog tadpoles cluster in clumps of eggs on the bottom of a spring-fed Hungarian mountain

The Fortune Teller

Photograph by Radoslav Radoslavov Valkov
Like a soothsayer with a crystal ball, a fly rubs a bead of water in the backyard of the photographer

Channels and causeways in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, constructed to purify local gray water—wastewater from household activities such as bathing and laundering—for reuse.

Fly to Eye

Photo by Bence Mate
A green pit viper eyes a hummingbird

Back Wash

Photograph by Julienne Bowser
Like an erupting Mount Fuji, a wave takes on a perfect, peaked form at Snapper Rocks

Waste Not Want Not

Photo by Rowan E. Bestmann
Supermarket workers purge thawed food from powerless freezers in the wake of the biggest floods in decades to wash through the rural town of Charleville, Australia

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