We're getting ready to fish plastic soup from the oceans starting in 2016

The oceans pretty much suck at the moment.
Not necessarily for us, though it's certainly getting there, but for the sea's original inhabitants.
The problem is this: plastic bags are clogging up whole swaths of ocean like a synthetic soup,
though in no way edible and entirely deadly. (So not very much like a soup at all...)
We're doing something about it

The Ocean Cleanup, an initiative set up by Dutchman Boyan Slat, is poised to set up a
system in the area between Japan and South Korea to "catch" and deal with the
carrier bag bouillon that's threatening oceanic wildlife.
[source: imgur.com]
The monster cleanup system spans over a mile in breadth and is made possible through crowdfunding.

If the initiative proves effective, more problem areas around the world could be addressed next,
though at an even greater scale.
There are plans for a "plastic catcher" of more than 100km in length, allowing much greater areas at a time to be rendered soup-free.

We can't really do this Nobel-worthy project justice in these few words, so why not check out the details at the source?
Images credit: The Ocean Cleanup



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