Ice jams can be very dangerous, even changing the course of a river

Ice jam on the Ausable River in Au Sable Forks NY. Video starts at noon (17:00Z) and ends at 3pm (20:00Z). They happen fast!

Last week, a weather pattern known as a bomb cyclone set record low temperatures across the eastern part of the US and pounded

cities and countryside with inches of snow. Rivers across the northeast were also frozen solid by the chilly weather.

This week, the temperatures bounced back up to nearly 60 degrees in some places, melting the snow and defrosting the rivers rapidly.

When this kind of change in temperature happens, ice jams can occur, like this one in the Ausable River,

captured in a time lapse by the National Weather Service Office in Burlington, Vermont.


The video encompasses only three hours, and the ice begins to break apart and then flow down the river in only a fraction of that time.





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