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Iron Mountain.jpg

Stinging snow and below-freezing temperatures on Oregon's Iron Mountain couldn't stop Marc snap  this 20-story-tall pinnacle--a remnant of the peak's volcanic core.


A bomber drops fire retardant on the Iron Mountain fire near Canon City, Colorado, on June 3, 2002.


The fire would rage on for a week, burn almost 4,500 acres [1,800 hectares] of forest, and threaten more than a hundred homes.

Swift fox.jpg

A rare swift fox pauses on a December morning in Canada's Cochrane Wildlife Reserve.
In Canada, the swift fox was considered extirpated [extinct in the wild], but due to the efforts of various breeding programs that release foxes into the wild, this species has now been downgraded to endangered

St Mary lake1.jpg

"I made this rare image shooting into the teeth of 30-mile-an-hour [48-kilometer-an-hour] winds on a very cold late-October evening along the shore of St. Mary Lake in Montana's Glacier National Park--a place where the wind never stops," photographer Marc Adamus

Yellowstone  Nat Part at night.jpg

Yellowstone National Park at night

Mauro shot this image after coming upon a grizzly and her two cubs feeding on the carcass of a caribou killed by wolves.
Grizzlybear .jpg
"Just as their feeding  was about to end, I looked down the river bar and spotted a very large solo bear coming towards the kill. Taking notice, the sow proceeded to pick up the head and began shaking it violently from side to side in what I assumed was a display for the approaching bear."

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