A Summer Day


 A Summer Day


What a wonderful day today is

It's so warm and breezy and bright

We sit out here enjoying nature's sounds

And watch a young boy fly a kite.


It's so relaxing and peaceful right now

We've managed to completely unwind

We won't let what's waiting for us Monday

To ever enter our minds.


Days like this are far too few

The summer disappears so fast

So get out and enjoy these days while you can

Because unfortunately, they won't last.


Go ride a bike or take a walk

Or even fly a kite

Don't let these days pass you by

They quickly will leave your sight.


And then it will happen before you know it

The summer days will turn into years

You'll reflect on the days that you have missed

The sounds of summer you will no longer hear.


So go out and enjoy these beautiful days

Time approaches very fast

Enjoy the warmth and the sunshine

You'll have no regrets of a life that has passed.


Chee Chee Martin © 2004





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