Animal Wallpapers July 2012

Coyote, Yellowstone National Park
Photograph by Timothy Brooks

With a strong vision and sense of smell, and the ability to reach up to 40 miles per hour, coyotes are symbolic of adventure.

Resting Lions, Tanzania
Photograph by Daniel Dolpire

Wild Horses, Camargue Nature Park, France
Photograph by Marco Carmassi

Baby Macaque, India
Photograph by Tony Campbell

Snorkelers and Sharks, French Polynesia
Photograph by Tim Mckenna, Your Shot

In Moorea, French Polynesia, the warm, turquoise-blue waters are often the place for some special encounters.
Swimming among the sharks, the rays, and the varied variety of fish is quite easy.

Flamingos, Mexico
Photograph by Klaus Nigge

Flamingos, fiercely loyal in wild flocks, move in unison when there is a threat.
Here, near Sisal, Mexico, a research plane is passing overhead.
Several major breeding groups live in estuaries around the Caribbean and beyond.

Snowy Owl, Canada
Photograph by Vince Maidens

Photograph by Leighann Perron

This is Gordon who lives in the gourd out on the back patio. I saw him peeking out one day and this is what I got!

Canada Geese, Netherlands
Photo by Andrew George


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