2 Women Lost in the gabric of a fishing net

This young seal fully accepted my presence and allowed me to come very close. After a while it became quite windy and we both got caught in this sandstorm.

Big female Tiger Shark off the Bahamas

Marcio Cardoso balancing on the slackline 200m above the beautiful landscape of Rio De Janeiro.

It was one of those days, great for landscape photography as rain clouds raced across the sky leaving gaps for shafts of sunlight in between.
It was then I saw the church.
The church and the mountainside were bathed in that gorgeous soft late autumn light.

Tuscany hills at sunrise, every time It's something special that give us new emotions.

The village of Sandur on the small island of Sandoy in the Faroe Islands.

I took this photo from our balloon as we were drifting over this remarkable landscape of rock formations in Cappadocia, Turkey. The sky was filled with colorful hot air balloons and in this moment all the balloons seemed to align perfectly to allow me to capture this shot. It was surreal.
Photo Betty Gist

n Vinh Hy Bay, two women become lost in the fabric of a fishing net. That was just a random moment when I came to the fishing village to shoot the lifestyle of the fisherman. While the men do their fishing, their wives stay at home and do the errands. When we were there, the ladies were sewing the fishing net for a new fishing season.

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