Wildebeest trek & other Wallpapers 12 Nov 2015

Batutara volcano in Indonesia erupts in the night

Taken at the height of the Arctic summer in 2015, this female polar bear seems to be blissfully unaware of its rapidly shrinking habitat..

This little yearling roe buck deer just kept on walking towards me early one July morning although this is about as close as he dared to get...

Once a year, in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Isla Mujeres, you can see the fastest fish in the world hunting fish shoals : the sailfish. By tens, they find to drill the balls of terrified fishes, offering us an impressive show. But we also notice shoals of fish, essential in the survival of the other marine species, are slowly disappearing: climat change is here!

A large, inquisitive and almost dangerously playful female Humpback whale calf measures me with her pectoral fin. This image was captured on a very wide fisheye lens, which doesn’t quite show how close she really is. By measuring how close I am she can determine if her tail is going to come in contact with me as she swims past.

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