Luhu saddest cat from China

Even more of a little sad face than Grumpy cat's  not interested face.

Too cute.


Meet Luhu, an adorable tabby cat from China who has been described as "the world's saddest cat."


It's true to say  that cats, just like their humans, are capable of going through an array of emotions, but they don't necessarily show them in the same way. But we know for sure that there is at least one cat in the world showing an emotion that's just not there, his name is Luhu and he's managed to gain a staggering 130,000 following on Instagram.


Luhu's large, weepy-looking eyes are actually a side effect of an early eye infection. His owner Maggie explains: "He had a pretty major operation on his eyes, so Luhu always opens his eyes pretty hard when he needs look at something." Despite his sad appearance we have been assured that he's a very contented kitty and lives a very happy life with his two siblings.




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