Stunning  Photographs of Abandoned Places

HDR or high dynamic range imaging  is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures 
(the range of values between light and dark areas)  than normal digital imaging techniques. 
The intention of HDR is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes 
ranging from direct sunlight to shadows.

Something about the vibrant colors, stark contrasts and vivid depths of an HDR approach lends abandonments to
HDR photography like few other subjects.
Beautiful HDR pictures bring dead places and long disused spaces powerfully to back to life.

This magnificent shot of a barge loader in Nashville, Tennessee, required 28 shots taken from the same point.
The perspective of the shot captures the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge in the background and emphasizes
the degree to which this massive old loader projects into space over the water’s edge.

What do you suppose would happen if you stepped forward and pushed the button?
The photographer would visually lead you to believe that something catastrophic could occur.
In reality, these massive round industrial structures are slated for demolition … so go ahead, push the button.

This extremely modified HDR image almost seems more a painting or a photograph of times past than a modern
digitial camera shot of an abandoned truck and a lobster coop in the background.

At its peak this once-magnificent church in Gary, Indiana had 3,000 congregation members.
But like so many places in Gary it fell into disrepair as industry money dwindled in the region and social changes occurred.
It was initially readopted by another congregation, then partially occupied by businesses, then finally abandoned and eventually burned.

It might look like the world’s most frightening prison with barred windows and clearly no way out,
but in fact this is a water tower near an abandoned railway in Germany that has been inexplicably converted into housing by and for local artists.

Uyuni, Bolivia, is best known as a transportation hub, an oasis in a little-populated landscape
and a tourist gateway for visitors to the nearby salt flats.
It is also famous for its extensive train cemetery featuring deserted trains of times past.

This abandoned vehicle won’t be putting out fires anytime soon.
A classic and a remnant of a forgotten age, it has been slowly overgrown but is almost more beautiful for it

The burnt out, rusted and utterly destroyed interior of an abandoned rail car in an undisclosed location.
Even in its current state, however, you could imagine it might have inhabitants.

This shot is curiously titled not after the water nor the bright red building at the site but is named for the
yellow bobber resting in a tree above the dam of this mill near Princeton, New Jersey

Bright HDR colors breathe new life into this deserted industrial equipment located in a brewery in Switzerland.
One could almost imagine these things working despite their state of disrepair

What would ordinarily be a rather peaceful and remote scene of a series of abandoned spaces and structures
is punctuated by the perfectly timed entry of a fast-moving bicyclist

A small, volcanic, tropical island that is inside the Nicaraguan lake Cocibolca.
The lake has over 365 volcanic islands.
Some even have restaurants and American TV.
At the center of the island there is a small island called “Ometepe” with 2 volcanos in it.
This image has very little modifications by the way, you can get these kind of colours in an HDR just when its about to become a sunset.
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This row of houses was initially occupied by workers from aloacl pulp mill, now deserted.


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