Beneath the Waves

Beneath The Waves

As waves crash on the rocks on shore
And sea gulls take their flight
The life beneath the ocean deep
Unfolds with all it's might

An octopus, and Lobster


Greet each other with a glance
A tuna and a manta ray
Are silent, in a trance

A rock fish, and a giant clam
Pursue their morning meal
As shrimps swim by in little groups,
And followed by an eel

The life beneath the sea is such,
An awesome sight to view,
The whales and crabs and jellyfish
An underwater zoo

A distant shark in hot pursuit
Is chasing down it's prey
The life beneath the ocean blue
An ordinary day

As mermaids sing a song of hope
And dolphins sing with glee
It's normal life beneath the waves
Beneath the shining sea

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