He hasn't failed me yet



Through all of the doubts and fears of my life,
Through the times when hope seemed all gone;
The days when all I could see was the rain,
His love and strength has given me a song.

You ask me how I can trust and hold
To Something I cannot see;
Why on Him I cast my every care,
It's because in Him I believe.

I see Him in every flower,
In every believer's eyes;
I see Him in all of the sunsets,
And in each and every sunrise.

When no one else was strong enough
To stand by me through all of my pain;
He stayed so near and held me so close,
And sheltered me from all of the rain.

Even in times I would disbelieve
And fail to trust in His grace,
He hasn't left me like others would,
He's stuck by me and given me more faith.

I think of my Lord as my precious Savior,
As the Forgiver of all of my sins.
I think of Him as a blessed Redeemer,
But most of all He's my best friend.

I love the Lord not only because,
He answers all of my prayers;
But because He's there in sunshine,
And not only through all of the tears.

I will always trust Him, but if I doubt Him,
Never will I forget,
To close my eyes and whisper these words:

by Rachael Lunsford



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