Good timing pictures (not the same old ones)

Headless man - headless statue

Lost his head - same as the

Did  this artist get his/her  inspiration from a shopping bag? the artist use her bag as ispiration.JPG

Does the cross on the box mean this  homeless person is dead? on the box.JPG

Good shot of the shadow on the door.

good office shadow

They call it art, she call it a hair accessory.



This man seems to  imitate the statues

hands behing your back

Both ladies touching their legs.


Everything my dog can do I can do better.....

legs up - dogs and

Rolled serviettes on the cups, rolled paper behind his back.




The moon is up, so it must be sleepy time...

I want that child!

spiders eating

Excellent shot of spokes above and below.

wheel spokes up above and

The dog is creating his own art.

white &


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