Photo's 18 December 2008

A wild durian fruit from the rain forests of Borneo is cut open, its vivid red flesh exposed.
Wild durian has a spiny green exterior, emits an infamous rotting stench, and is mainly eaten by birds.

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A solar phenomenon known as a sundog arcs over the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.
Sundogs are fairly common occurrences in the Arctic and Antarctic.
They form when the sun is near the horizon and ice crystals high in the sky line up in a way that bends the solar rays like a prism.

A twilight mist floats through the rain forest canopy in Borneo’s Gunung Palung National Park.
The future of this uninhabited ecological treasure, covering more than 220,000 acres (90,000 hectares), is threatened by ever increasing illegal logging.

Ariaal warriors rest on an outcrop amid the deserts of northern Kenya's Marsabit District.
The 10,000 or so Ariaal who inhabit Marsabit have managed to maintain their nomadic way of life in spite of shrinking communal pastures,
increasing ethnic tensions, and government pressure to trade their cattle culture for a more mainstream existence.

A spacesuit is put through its paces at the Johnson Space Center's Lunar Yard in Houston, Texas.
The 2-acre (0.8-hectare) mock moon surface, made of sand and crushed granite, allows engineers to test systems and concepts as they prepare for NASA's return to the moon.

A woman smoking opium on Chinese New Year fills her small, sunlit home in Thailand's Doi Sam Mun village with a bluish haze.
 Thailand was once a significant producer of opium and heroin, but government eradications efforts begun in the 1980s have significantly curtailed poppy cultivation.









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