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 Take up your cross and follow Me

Wherever I may lead

Your back will ache, your feet grow tired

And yes, your heart will bleed.

But we shall walk together

And I will share your lot

For I am always with you

And will forget you not.

Take up your cross and follow Me

And I will fill your days

With joy that only I can give

In many precious ways.

So learn to know me better

For there are miles to go

And rest your head upon my Heart

For I have loved you so.

The light grows dim, the dusk descends

The sunlight turns to shade

I give my angels charge of you

So do not be afraid.

But trust in Me and do not grieve

For what has come and gone

I will provide for all your needs

Because you are My own.

My yoke is easy, My burden light

No matter where you roam

Remember earth will pass away

But heaven is your home.

How very brief a time man walks

Upon this earthly sod,

So love Me as I first loved you,

And know that I am God.

Author: Grace Easley

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