Wallpapers 4 - May 2009

A mountain of soybeans rises in the hold of a cargo ship bound for China, where they will be crushed for cooking oil and animal feed.
Though China has managed to meet most of the food needs of its growing population, its imports of soybeans have soared.

From March to July, the wet-season deluge expands the dolphins' range across inundated plains and into rain forest in the Anavilhanas Archipelago, a vast island chain in the Rio Negro.

In an exuberant display of muscle and flexibility, a boto bursts from the floodwaters.
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The shuttle Endeavour (USA) -- deft in orbit but incapable of terrestrial flight -- catches a post-mission piggyback on a 747, soaring over California's Mojave Desert en route to Florida's Kennedy Space Center.

A spider's June web traps droplets as if they were prey.
The sun's evaporative power is weak this far north, creating a landscape that's suffused with moisture--in ponds, rivers, bogs, and rising mists.

Empty cubbyholes in a wall of rice bowls at a Chinese electronics factory signal the layoffs that have sent many workers back to the countryside.
While food prices have dipped with the worldwide recession, experts say the food crisis is far from over.

A Siberian jay (bird), perched on a skeletal spruce, surveys a feast of blueberries.
Underlaid by limestone, the forest floor is unusually rich for Finland's far north, abounding with berries, mushrooms, lichens, and rare orchids.

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