Friends forever


Remember when we first met
By Email on the internet?
It was a day I won't forget
For I often think of you yet.

I'm so thankful for that day,
Good fortune came my way
And I'm glad we decided to write
Because you are a sheer delight.

I feel we've always been friends,
It seems that's how it's been,
You've become like family to me
And that feeling will forever be.

Our lives are laced together
As one true friend to another,
Our bond will never be broken
By deed or harsh word spoken.

Like a never-ending circle of light
That lights a path on darkest night,
Our friendship does brightly shine
And will cast love's glow a lifetime.

Seasons come and seasons go
As surely as our love will grow,
Time and tides will ever change
But our friendship shall remain.

Things change in this world of ours
As we surrender to higher powers,
But nothing will change between us,
Our bond is built on love and trust.

You are a marvelous Email pal
And I think you're a terrific gal,
I'm thankful for a friend so true,
Have I told you lately I love you?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-23-04
(revised 12-12-06)

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