Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A bag full of Sorrows


Think, if in life we are condemned to carry
a bag containing the sorrows on our backs,
just collecting them, never able to throw any
and not allowed to put there no happy ones.

"Pockets can only hold so many sorrows"
she said, as she went away carrying her bag,
hoping that from somewhere will come
to ease the weight, that beloved helping hand.

Pockets are small, not too much space there
to hold bigger sorrows that were pick up in life,
only, should you will be pocketing all of them...
if so, could you tell me for heaven's sake, why?

Your pockets should be full of happy memories,
let fall that full of sorrows riding on your back
heavy reminder of things that are not anymore,
and if you must carry anything...carry smiles.

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Wallpapers - in the Sea


Great whites are torpedo-shaped with powerful tails that can propel them through the water at up to 15 miles (24 kilometers) per hour.

The same picture with the water moving on top.

A shrimp looks out from an anchor coral in Maumere Bay in Indonesia.
Anchor coral, also called hammer coral, have anchor-shaped ends to their tentacles.
Their sweeping tentacles are adapted to attack nearby corals and to protect the colony.


A colony of sea squirts forms a colorful landscape, ample hiding place for an Eastern cleaner-clingfish  in the Tasman Sea off the coast of Australia.
The tiny fish, which cleans parasites from the bodies of larger fish, fights strong currents by anchoring itself with a sucker disc on its abdomen.

Baring rows of serrated teeth, a great white shark is aptly called a killing machine.
Researchers believe great whites hunt visually, sighting their prey, ramming into it, and stunning it while biting into it at the same time.

Majestic in purple, a spotted cleaner shrimp in the waters off Bonaire Island in the Caribbean works hard for its customers.
This cleaner shrimp associates with a sea anemone and attracts fish from which it cleans and eats detritus such as parasites and algae.
Such a symbiotic relationship benefits both the shrimp and the fish.

In the early morning hours of September 1, 1985, oceanographer Robert Ballard and photographer
Emory Kristof found and photographed the shipwreck of the century, the R.M.S. Titanic.
Kristof and his crew used a submersible search vehicle and a towed sled with a still camera to shoot
 more than 20,000 frames, including this one of the ocean liner's starboard propeller.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carrot Cake



250 ml          Sugar
180 ml          Oil
    3                 Eggs
250 ml          Flour
 10 ml            Baking Powder
  2 ml              Salt
  7 ml              Cinnamon
  7 ml              Allspice
500 ml          Grated Carrots (finely grate)

1.    Blend Sugar and oil together.
2.    Add eggs one at a time and add to the above
3.    Sift dry ingredients and add to the above.
4.    Fold in carrots
5.    Pour into a rectangular dish.
6.    Bake for 45 minutes @ 180°
7.    Icing of your choice.

  Received from Joan.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Bathing an Elephant


Watching a mahout lovingly bathe his elephant. 
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Kolmanskop, Namibia. Kolmanskop is an abandoned diamond mine near the coast.
 The "ghost" town has several residences and barrack-type accommodations, as well as the remains of a few commercial establishments.
Today the town is a photographer's dream come true.
One cannot spend enough time taking in all the photographic opportunities.

The piglet is one day old and crippled.
The mother had more babies than nipples to feed them.
The farmer talked about putting this one out of its misery but decided to let some Swazi orphan children take care of it and feed it with a bottle instead.
 Now the little pig has grown big and strong!

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This photo is taken at the top of the 83-meter-high Rock Fort--the only outcrop in the otherwise flat land of the city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu, India.
I awoke for the climb at sunrise, in order to capture the colours from the sun radiating over the hazy city.
Looking back down, we see one of many decorative Hindu temples in the area of the Rock Fort.

A yellow-billed hornbill rests its beak on the camera hood at the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens, South Africa.

Blue sky reflects off the surface waves created by a koi surfacing to feed in our backyard pond.

Taken at Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, this image shows a fight between a redheaded woodpecker and a yellow-shafted northern flicker over a nest hole.
The redheaded woodpeckers tried to chase away the intruding flickers but after this encounter, the fight was over.
The flicker managed to grab the redheaded by its tongue and force it all the way down to the ground.
Both birds spiraled while falling to the ground.
It must have been painful as the redheaded gave up after this clash.

SA Gold CoinSA Gold Coin       

These three kids were enjoying a cool dip at a manmade waterfall in Kemensah village, Selangor, Malaysia.

This photo is a depiction of impermanence, imprints, and impressions of life.
Oblivious of the din due to a midnight fair, the pilgrims have queued up to pay their obeisance.
Location: Kyasara village in a deep pocket in southeast Rajasthan, India.

My friends and I were in town on Halloween night when we happened along four identical phone booths.
It seemed only natural to snap a photo.
by Kindra Ormiston

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Sunday, March 22, 2009




(bedien 6)
2 uie, fyngekap
duimnael gemmer
2 knoffelhuisies 1 eetlepel growwe sout
2 eetlepels appelkooskonfyt
1 sny brood
1 eier
60ml melk
3 teelepels kerrie
1 teelepel komyn
1 teelepel borrie
½ teelepel peper
1kg maalvleis
sap van 1 suurlemoen
30ml asyn
125ml geweekte sultanas
4 lourierblare
125ml gevlokte amandels
6 suurlemoenblare
Bolaag: 125ml melk
1 eier
½ teelepel borrie
Braai die uie tot deurskynend. Stamp die gemmer, knoffel en sout saam fyn en voeg by die uie. Braai vir 1 minuut. Roer die appelkooskonfyt by. Krummel die sny brood by. Voeg water by tot die krummels bedek is. Klits die eiers en melk saam. Meng saam met die kerrie, komyn, borrie en peper by die maalvleis. Roer die suurlemoensap, asyn en sultanas by uie-mengsel. Voeg maalvleis by. Skep alles in ´n bakskottel. Druk al die blare in die gereg. Bak 1 uur lank teen 180ÂșC. Klits die bestandele vir die bolaag saam, gooi dit oor die gebakte gereg en bak vir nog ´n halfuur.
Bedien met rys en slaai.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snake found in Sugar Cane fields

Snake found in Mount Edgecombe, Durban (South Africa) in the Sugar Cane fields

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