Bathing an Elephant


Watching a mahout lovingly bathe his elephant. 
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Kolmanskop, Namibia. Kolmanskop is an abandoned diamond mine near the coast.
 The "ghost" town has several residences and barrack-type accommodations, as well as the remains of a few commercial establishments.
Today the town is a photographer's dream come true.
One cannot spend enough time taking in all the photographic opportunities.

The piglet is one day old and crippled.
The mother had more babies than nipples to feed them.
The farmer talked about putting this one out of its misery but decided to let some Swazi orphan children take care of it and feed it with a bottle instead.
 Now the little pig has grown big and strong!

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This photo is taken at the top of the 83-meter-high Rock Fort--the only outcrop in the otherwise flat land of the city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu, India.
I awoke for the climb at sunrise, in order to capture the colours from the sun radiating over the hazy city.
Looking back down, we see one of many decorative Hindu temples in the area of the Rock Fort.

A yellow-billed hornbill rests its beak on the camera hood at the Johannesburg Zoological Gardens, South Africa.

Blue sky reflects off the surface waves created by a koi surfacing to feed in our backyard pond.

Taken at Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, this image shows a fight between a redheaded woodpecker and a yellow-shafted northern flicker over a nest hole.
The redheaded woodpeckers tried to chase away the intruding flickers but after this encounter, the fight was over.
The flicker managed to grab the redheaded by its tongue and force it all the way down to the ground.
Both birds spiraled while falling to the ground.
It must have been painful as the redheaded gave up after this clash.

SA Gold CoinSA Gold Coin       

These three kids were enjoying a cool dip at a manmade waterfall in Kemensah village, Selangor, Malaysia.

This photo is a depiction of impermanence, imprints, and impressions of life.
Oblivious of the din due to a midnight fair, the pilgrims have queued up to pay their obeisance.
Location: Kyasara village in a deep pocket in southeast Rajasthan, India.

My friends and I were in town on Halloween night when we happened along four identical phone booths.
It seemed only natural to snap a photo.
by Kindra Ormiston

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