250ml Selfraising flour
250ml maizena
250ml flour
250ml icing sugar (or castor sugar or fructose)
30ml finely chopped lavender - blooms and green leaves
500gm butter (or margarine but much nicer with real butter)

Sieve first 4 ingredients together and add chopped lavender mixing it in.
Work butter in with fingers to form a dough
Press into baking tin and prick dough with a fork
Bake at 180◦F (160◦F if using a thermofan oven) for about 30mins or until light brown in colour.
Cut carefully into blocks whilst still hot but do not remove from baking tin. Leave to cool in tin, recut and lift out with an egg lifter and enjoy!

PS: If you do not like the idea of lavender, substitute with either chocolate or caramel chips or pecan/hazel or walnuts


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