Mind Travel


I've a mind to travel over summer's fun
The holiday so neat,
How we surfed the delightful days
Of our crazy mid-year treat.

Each ice-cream lemonade so sweet
Was relished to the max,
The afternoons of sunbathing
In the searing heat... relax.

So, if vacation is all over
Then is the temperature going to cool,
For we need the weather to be nice
If we must go back to school.

The brain just will not function
When it's boiling in the shade,
Can't I learn of buoyancy and kinetics
If in the pool I stay.

I might enjoy the novels more
While laying in the sun,
And then what study of the stars
When every day is done.

I could dissect the insects
That join me in the swim,
With all that hands on learning
A trophy I would win.

But if curiosity made the cat vamoose
Then forget the heat, I'll stay real calm,
And just imagine school is cool
Then as the teachers pet,
I'll be safe from any harm.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission
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