A Blessed table


A Blessed Table

Be grateful for each bite
you are blessed to consume
I remind my girls
as I watch them fume

A little can go far
if our hearts are not in a war
let it savor on your tongue
as when you were young

Grocery prices keep climbing
a lot are still denying
as they fair not their sacrificing
which to pay today
as fasting begins for many
it shall be redeemed
in the choices that we make
it will and has cost us plenty

As I count my saved-up change
money went on bills
earlier in the week
thinking of others
and, what they have not
my mind goes insane,
quite a lot
what shall we do
I ask you...
but, to choose
as we try to loosen
the thumbscrews
on man kinds government laws
hearts wouldn't feel so ripped and raw
the hope and divine spirit
would again appear
as we place value
on other generations tears...

My heart goes out to many
who have so little
then again
having so little
makes you appreciate so much!


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