Secret Sins

(By Debbie Preuss)
The secret sins I try to hide
In my spirit do abide
Hidden not from God above
As He looks at me with eyes of love  

I try to turn my face away
For I don't really want to obey
This "secret sin" seems so much fun
I stay when I know I should run

I seem to be so firmly entrenched
Accustomed to it's familiar stench
But He draws me out through His love
He never tries to push or shove

He gently shows me the way
Until I choose to Him obey
Then He holds me in forgiveness close
The One who loves me the most

He cleans my spirit where they abide
The secret sins I try to hide
They were hidden not from God above
Now He holds me close in His embrace of love

He saw my sins all along
He's come alongside to make me strong
He's forgiven the past and the future too
I know He'll do the same for you
He understands like no one can

For He's fully God and was fully man
My Father loves me, so to Him I pray
Give me the strength Lord, just for today


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