All in a days work

 It  all started this morning when I
  Made breakfast for the cranky  youngsters

   and fed the baby a bottle  

   She dribbled milk all over  herself and my new blouse

   I loaded up the kids in the  car seat and took them to daycare & school  

   I was late for work, and  traffic was a nightmare  
   My husband called my cell  phone to tell me
 he got laid off from his  construction job

   I got to the office (I'm a  Tech Analyst)

   My supervisor chewed me out  

   for misplacing the mouse  

   I went out for lunch and got  caught in the rain

   I left work early to pick up  my new eye glasses (wrong size)

   I then picked up the kids from  school & daycare


   Fed them all a quick meal  

   Drove the boys to karate  lessons

   And, then the girls to tap  & ballet

   When we got back home, all  they wanted to do was watch TV
   and, sing karaoke instead of  doing their homework

   After much chaos, they took  their baths & got ready for bed

   And after much hounding, they  brushed their teeth

   Then I read them their nightly  bedtime stories

   They finally went to sleep  
So, I tried doing some  aerobics in the living room

   Uh oh, I don't think all the  'fast-food' and
 exercise is agreeing with me  

Now, I think I'm  getting a migraine

   and, a runny nose  

   I'm pretty certain it's the  flu

   After a long and grueling day,  I crawled
 into bed and was just drifting  off when

   I realized I had forgotten  my prayers
Dear Lord, despite the  topsy-turvy day
  I've had, I give thanks to  you  and  
  For all the blessings you've  bestowed upon me and my family. 

   And next week, I'm off to the  spa and pool for some
 much-needed rest and  relaxation with my friend

   That is how my day went, how about yours?


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