How many lives did you touch today

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How many did you touch today?



How many lives did you touch today?
As you went on your busy way
Did you touch family or friend?
Was there a relationship to mend?
Did you smile at the stranger on the street?
Or tip the waitress where you eat?
Did you touch your co-worker's heart today?
Tell me, did you stop to pray?
Did you help someone, or meet a need?
Was there someone hungry, you helped to feed?
Did you speak an encouraging word?
When people talked, did they feel you heard?
Did you remember the driver on the bus
Is just another one of us?
Family and strangers are all the same
Each one of us, has a name
Tell me, did you share God's love?
Or take the time to look above?
Did you lift someone to God's throne?
Did you move out of your comfort zone? < br />Today may be the only touch you had
Was it for the good or bad?
Reach out to others while you can today
The golden rule, please obey
For tomorrow just may be too late
To touch others, or change their fate
So as you go on your busy way
See how many lives you can touch today

(By list member Debbie Preuss, laugh and lift)



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