Good day to you dearest friend
Thought I'd write to check in,
You've been in mind a lot as of late
And matters of the heart can't wait.

There are things you should know,
Words I should have said long ago,
I don't want to let another day pass
Without telling you at last.

Your friendship I truly treasure,
Being your friend is a pleasure,
You fit my personality like a glove
My guardian angel from above.

There's no truer friend than you
You offer counsel to all I say or do,
When I'm down you pick me up,
There's no end to your kindness cup.

When I need someone to lean on
You're only as far as the phone,
When I feel like having a good cry
You're always there to dry my eyes.

We've shared laughter and cheer
Sorrow and emotional cares,
Through all things year after year,
I can depend on my friend so dear.

We've been friends a long time,
I speak from this heart of mine,
I love you and this thought I send,
I know forever we'll be best friends.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-14-04
(revised 11-09-06)

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