Clever use of buildings for advertisements

Clever ads on buildings

Anando Milk from India wanted to increase milk consumption among children,so they came up with this amazingly create ad placed on one of Mumbai's buildings, where you can seea child strong enough to move part of the building itself

Allstate auto insurance features an actual car teetering on the end of the parking garage in marina Towers,
a famous landmark in the center of downtown Chicago

The Haitong Building - a well known Shanghai landmark, has a curved top, so this building ad,
was place on the opposite building creating the illusion where the powerful gust from the Mida fan has caused the wave design

Wash me says the clever ad for Alco's cleaning products

Nikes run through the wall ad

To demonstrate Pantene's claim of really strong hair,  3 Rapunzel style stunts were staged in downtown Toronto
for two days, where live male climbers went up over three different oversize pigtails

Wrapping the female students dormitory in the shape of a calendar, they amied for the expression that
a new female can be met on a daily basis to promot the brand imange for axe.

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