I'm signing in the rain.......


As rain falls in NouabaléNdoki National Park, a chimp adds to the chorus of excited calls ringing through the forest.

A Rabari woman in Gujarat visits the grave of an ancestor.
A power plant dominates what was once open grazing land surrounding the burial ground.

Duck River, Tennessee
Snail, Campeloma decisum, 1 inch  or 2.5cm

Laguna San Rafael National Park
Andean peaks crest the clouds above the Northern Ice Field.
At once severe and sublime, this icy wilderness is ruled by elemental forces that cause it to remain, for the most part, a blank spot on scientific maps.

The pristine waters and peaks of Aisén Sound appear fresh from the finger of God.
Yet just beyond the horizon lie some 300 salmon farms.

Moorea, French Polynesia
Sea star, Meridiastra rapa, 0.55 inch. across  (approx 1.2cm)

Duck River, Tennessee
River cooter, Pseudemys concinna, 4 inch. across  (approx 10cm)

Bernardo O'Higgins National Park
Lautaro, an active volcano (background), broods over the tortured surface of Pío XI Glacier.
Chile's sprawling ice fields are among the world's largest outside the polar regions.

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