A woman's uterus can grow to 500 times its normal size

The birth of a baby is something of a miracle. Along with that miracle come some intriguing and mystifying bits of trivia.


Big and Little Things - During pregnancy, a woman's uterus can grow to 500 times its normal size. The baby that it carries, will start out with 300 bones, although the adult human has only 206. That's because some bones fuse only after birth. If the baby is born in May, it will weigh an average 200g. more than children born in other months.


These Genes Aren't Denim - If one identical twin is missing a particular tooth as they grow up, the other twin will also be missing that tooth. If those twins are both male, and one of them sires a child, DNA parentage testing will not be able to distinguish between them. They also have a better chance of being born in the Western world, than the Eastern, where twins are less common.


Babies Everywhere - The world population is booming, with one birth every three seconds. That includes more than a dozen sets of quintuplets born in the U.S. every year. Thanks to fertility drugs and treatments, 1994, saw triple the rate of triplet births than 1971. Sweden has opted out of the baby boom, with an average birth rate of 1 per 100, whereas Malawi, Africa takes the prize for populating that continent with 5.3 births per 100.















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