I've never told you

I've never told you
 Just how much I really need you,
 Your every touch and warmth and sigh,
 So beautiful and meaningful,

 You are the most wonderful person in the world
 So, come close to me
 Don't be afraid of me,
 Just hold me closely

 I want to feel your heartbeat,
 Within my soul,
 As I will breathe every single one of your breath,
 And take you...

 To the stars and the moon above,
 With a dazzling beauty,
 Dancing within your love,
 As my heart and soul,

 Burns fervent with love for you,
 I feel alive and blessed,
 To have you....

 Now next to me,
 Deep within my being,
 You are my life my destiny,
 My dream come true,

 I love you!

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