Losing weight by changing a few little things

Do you have fruit sitting out visibly in your house? You probably weigh 8lbs less than your neighbor who doesn’t.
Have cookies or chips sitting out? You probably weigh 8lbs more.
Have breakfast cereal sitting out? You probably weigh 19lbs more.
Have soda sitting out? You’re going to weigh, on average, 25lbs more than someone who doesn’t.

What happened when Google put M&M’s in containers instead of out in the open? People ate 3 million less of them in one month.
Here’s an experiment that Google did recently.
The M&Ms in their New York office used to be in baskets.
So instead they put them in bowls with lids.
The lid doesn’t require a lot of effort to lift but it reduced the number of M&Ms consumed in their New York office by 3 million a month.

Shopping while hungry is a cardinal sin.
It doesn’t make us buy more, it just makes us buy junk.
They don’t buy more, but they buy worse.
When we’re hungry, we buy foods that are convenient enough to eat right away and will stop our cravings.
We don’t go for broccoli and tilapia; we go for carbs in a box or bag.
We go for one of the “Four C’s”: crackers, chips, cereal, or candy.
We want packages we can open and eat with our right hand while we drive home with our left.

How long does the fullness signal take to do its job? About 20 minutes.
Problem is, the average American meal today doesn’t even last 20 minutes.
This is one of the reasons we overeat at buffets: we want to try everything.
Give people three options and they eat 23% more than if they only had one choice
On average, if you eat with one other person, you’ll eat about 35 percent more than you otherwise would.
If you eat with a group of seven or more, you’ll eat nearly twice as much—96 percent more—than you would if
you were eating alone at the Thanksgiving card table in the other room. If you get a reservation for a table for four,
you’ll end up right in the middle—you’ll eat about 75 percent more calories than if you reserve a table for one.

Eating with overweight friends? You’ll eat more.
Is your waitress overweight? You’ll eat more.
Are you a woman eating with a man? You’ll eat less.

Who do you need to be most careful around? Skinny overeaters.Why?
It makes your brain think you can eat like they do without any downside. But for all you know that might be their only meal of the day…

So we’ve got lots of stuff that can help us eat less. Let’s round it all up.
Here are great tips from Brian Wansink:
Change what’s visible. Hide the soda and put out the fruit.
Change what’s reachable. Make a plate, leave the rest in the kitchen and force yourself to walk back for more.
Plan ahead. Size up the buffet before you load your plate. Don’t shop hungry.
Eat slower. It takes 20 minutes for the “full” signal to kick in so make sure meals last at least that long.
Reduce your food options. Only two things on your plate at a time. Make yourself get bored with them.
Be mindful of those you eat with. Trying to drop weight? Might want to eat alone a bit more often.

People who most successfully lost weight made only one or two changes but stuck with them day after day—
an average of at least twenty-five days a month. Unfortunately, the people who didn’t lose weight often tried
to tackle too much all at once. They tried to change everything, and most gave up within a month


Source: Time.com






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