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If you are afraid of heights then look away now as these photographs from the top of a super skyscraper are wrong on so many levels.
Captured from over 2000 feet above the ground, the fear-inducing images reveal what it is like to stand above the tallest building in China.
Urban ninjas Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov climbed continuously for two hours before conquering the partly constructed Shanghai Tower.


Up, up and away: Vadim Makhorov standing on a crane on top of the Shanghai Tower, China

Thrill-seeker: Vadim Makhorov sits on a cage attached to a crane on top of the tower

The height of daring: The view of Shanghai from the top of the partly constructed Shanghai Tower

The view from the heavens: Vitaly Raskalov's feet dangling from the top of the Shanghai Tower
Unbelievably, the plucky pair used no safety equipment on their awesome ascent and were so high they even passed through clouds. 
In an effort to avoid the Chinese authorities, the undaunted duo had to wait for the cover of darkness before scaling the world's second tallest tower.
Vadim said: ‘There are a lot of guards and cameras around in the day time, so we started climbing during the night, it was easier to stay unnoticed that way.

Ascent: The stunning view at night as the pair make their way up

The climbers lost an entire night's sleep in order to carry out their daring stunt

Clouds covering the view of Shanghai early in the morning and taken from the top of the superscraper

The Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world - and very few will get this view from it

Nerves of steel: Here Mr Makhorov sits casually at the top of the tower with his camera, seemingly without a care in the world

The climbers had to wait a while before the clouds cleared - but the view was still spectacular

The stunt would test the nerves of even the bravest climber

The clouds part to reveal the ground - 2,000 feet below
‘It took about two hours to get to the top, but when we got there we could only see clouds.
‘We had to wait for hours for the clouds to part but it was well worth the wait. The view was like something from an aircraft window.
‘As soon as we saw a gap in the clouds were climbed right to the top of the crane and were able to get some great shots of the city below.
‘We were not afraid at all and we have never had any injuries as a result of our sky walking.
‘As a result of our “mission”, we didn't get any sleep for over 24 hours. It was physically and mentally challenging for the both of us.
‘Our target was to climb the highest tower in China - the second highest in the world. It felt amazing to accomplish it. The sky is the limit!’

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