In the lap of a stranger


In The Lap of a Stranger
(By Autumn Fontenot)
A while back as I prayed I felt the Lord had something to reveal to me. I opened my bible to Judges 16 and read how Samson returned to Delilah's lap time after time even though she was to deliver him into the hands of his enemies. This is what was laid on my heart:
As the battle was raging
I felt I were dead
I needed a place
To rest my head.
"A stranger's approaching!"
Came a cry from the night.
I lifted my eyes -
Too weary to fight.
The stranger then smiled,
And offered me rest.
But the simple cost was -
To give up my quest.
The price was then paid,
And I settled to nap;
Now knowing my head
Was in the enemy's lap.
I rose the next morning,
Determined to fight.
But to that lap I returned,
To rest for the night.
Then, in the night,
I awoke with a start.
I could feel every beat,
Of my fast-beating heart.
My blood - it pulsed through me;
I trembled with fear.
Laughing and mocking,
Was all I could hear.
The enemy laughed,
"How dumb your belief;
To think me your friend,
Because I gave you relief!
We now have you captured!
It's over! It's done!
Because of your blindness,
The enemy has won!"
I fell to my knees.
"Lord, how can this be,
That the one that I trusted
Was my enemy?"
It was then that the Lord
Began to speak,
"My child, you were blinded
Because you were weak.
Instead of fighting with your sword,
You fought with your hands.
You keep sword in sheath,
And let the enemy stand.
I warned you that night
That a stranger came.
Yet you were to weary
To know his name.
In the morning when you rose,
You could have come to me.
But instead you went to the lap
Of your enemy.
But my grace is sufficient;
I will meet your need.
But now you must choose:
The stranger or me.
The choice is yours.

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