Now now children.

A male cheetah assumes a lookout pose in a fig tree in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.
His prospects are sobering.
Shy and aloof by nature, requiring vast spaces to live and hunt, the planet’s fastest sprinters are in a race for their very survival.
Photograph by Frans Lanting

The century-old stone wall of the Malecón, Havana’s famous oceanside esplanade, shields the city—imperfectly—from the battering of roiling seas.
On calmer nights people come out to stroll on the street.
Photograph by Paolo Pellegrin

Pinski, 28, and her husband drove several hundred miles to Albuquerque just to get a better view of an annular solar eclipse.
 “We’re avid adventurists, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” she says.
A supertelephoto lens helped secure a larger-than-life image.
Photograph by Colleen Pinski

Rescued as a cub from the hands of a poacher, five-year-old Koshki grew up in a reserve in northeast Iran.
He’s one of only two Asiatic cheetahs living in captivity.
 A thick tuft of fur on his shoulders, needed for bitter winters on the high steppes of central Iran, sets him apart from African cheetahs.
Photograph by Frans Lanting

Daring Viking seafarers used ships like this modern replica to reach the New World in their search for furs, walrus ivory, and trading partners—which they may have found in the native Dorset people.
Photograph by David Coventry

Now Now Children. Behave.

A young cheetah mother named Etta by researchers scans the Serengeti for signs of danger while her four 12-week-old cubs wrestle.
 A long-running study has found that the majority of cubs here are raised by a small group of cheetah supermoms.
Photograph by Frans Lanting

A hidden camera captures a fleeting glimpse of an Asiatic cheetah.
Only a few dozen survive in a remote corner of Iran. Worldwide cheetah numbers have plunged from an estimated 100,000 in 1900 to fewer than 10,000 today.
Photograph by Frans Lantin

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